About Us

Thinking of giving chocolates to your dear ones? No matter the occasion, giving chocolates is a way to tell them that you are thinking of them. It is also a sweet gesture that any partner in life will appreciate.

PhilippinesChocolate.com is an online chocolate shop dedicated to helping you send these sweet treats to those close to your heart. We are glad to be the solution you need whenever you wish to give chocolates without having to drive several kilometers. Quality Chocolates Right at the Door!

Not all chocolates are the same. We know for a fact that one customer may like a specific chocolate brand that is different from another. So, our inventory comprises of world-class chocolates such as:

Ferrero Rocher

These brands are famous for their tastes. Children and adults alike indulge in these sweet treats. With the quality of the products that we have, we can easily say that your chocolate gift will be a great hit to whoever you send it to!

Other Products Available

PhilippinesChocolate.com does not only focus our products on chocolates alone. After all, gifts are not limited to chocolates! Apart from these sweet treats, we also offer:

Flowers: Flowers hold special places in any celebration. An event without blooms does not have any life in it. Without flowers, a celebration can be a bit bland.

We have blooms as part of our product offerings. You can choose from an array of beautiful bouquets arranged by the skillful hands of our team. Roses of different colors are available. Whether you want the arrangement to be all-red roses or a fresh mix of peach and pink, we have it!

Teddy Bears: What can make your romantic gesture of giving chocolates sweeter than by sending a teddy bear along with your gift? Teddy bears have long been symbols of emotional presence and comfort. You get to let them feel your presence through the teddies, even if you are not physically there. Select your pick from our various stuffed bears!

Cakes: PhilippinesChocolate.com is not only chocolates! We know that our customers also rave about cakes. To ensure that we cater to your every need, we also have a variety of cakes for your celebrations. Our cakes are available in several flavors and sizes!

Where We Deliver:
Our team caters to the needs of Filipinos. We provide delivery services across the province of the Philippines, including but not limited to Manila City, Makati City, Cavite City, Davao City, Pampanga, Angeles City, Cebu and more! In the spirit of high-caliber service, we can also deliver to different places all over the Philippines!

Why PhilippinesChocolate.com?
When convenience, quality products, and excellent customer service are what you are looking for, look no more than CebuChocolate.com. We deliver high-quality chocolates, flowers, teddy bears, or cakes to your dear ones in a timely manner.

Placing an order with us is easy! Only a few clicks and your recipients will be receiving the gifts in no time!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
We always make it a point to be the go-to online chocolate gift delivery shop in the Philippines for our customers. Check out our catalog and place that order today!